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We firmly believe that wine is a vital manifestation of nature so we unhesitatingly embarked on the choice of ORGANIC, which now characterizes our entire production. A choice of respect and care for the land characteristic of the tradition that has made our district a garden.

For us, in fact, organic means attention, respect and, above all, quality; that is why we do not just follow the protocols provided for organic crops, but we broaden the concept to the environment that hosts our vineyards and the “cultural” sustainability of our product because we preserve and renew the tradition of our historic grapes.

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Tenutefosca has fully embraced the organic philosophy for its entire production. For us, in fact, choosing an organic wine is an act of responsibility and respect toward nature and our customers.

Every sip of a Tenutefosca organic wine encapsulates the purity of the fruit, the authentic taste of wine, the product of an agriculture that does not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers. It is a healthy and safe product that respects the oldest traditions of the area and is good for the environment.

With a Tenutefosca organic wine you support a virtuous model of agriculture, helping to protect biodiversity, conserve soil and water, and reduce environmental impact.


Organic Philosophy

Tenutefosca vigne Sarcedo

Respect for the vines

In the vineyard we do not use weed killers, synthetic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers.

Instead, we prefer to practice agronomic work that respects and protects the soil and biodiversity, such as green manure, natural grassing of the rows, organic fertilization and respect for the natural forests and hedges that surround our vineyards.

Low yields ensure the enological quality of the grapes.

Responsible winemaking

In the winery, the grapes are expertly processed with the aim of enhancing the peculiarities of the vintage, vineyards and varieties, expressing the concept of terroir to the fullest.

Oenological interventions are minimal and always regulated by organic certification, designed to ensure the wholesomeness and quality of our wines.

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Organic certification

Tenutefosca wines are certified organic, produced respecting the principles of ORGANIC agriculture and enhancing through the pedoclimatic characteristics of Breganze both international varieties and the typical and identity variety of this territory, Vespaiola.