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Family and tradition

Tenutefosca was born in 2015 from Sante Faresin’s passion for the land and territory of Breganze. A passion that finds its origins in childhood, lived in a landscape of hills and vineyards at the foot of mountains sculpted by human labor.

A successful entrepreneur with a dream to achieve: to produce superior wines. A dream born from a family tradition enriched by a new awareness: sustainable integration, with nature and territory, produces quality.

Tenutefosca mano uva

Our physolofice

The tradition of the area is part of our identity, and we want to revive it through our passion and savoir-faire. Indeed, we are convinced that wine should be something alive that should express all the biological richness and diversity of an area.

Our estates-located on both hills and plains-are the true terroirs where the alchemy of environmental and climatic conditions, choice of cultivars and human labor produces unique and distinctive results.

Viticulture and enology

Exceptional Grapes for Superior Quality Wines. A goal pursued with love, competence and determination.

Advanced agronomy, soil care, winemaking excellence and the work of people who share the “TENUTEFOSCA philosophy” with passion and expertise: respect for the environment and traditions combined with a personalized approach to each vine.

Tenutefosca vigne Maragnole

Natural balance

Careful soil management that improves organic composition keeps our soils in the perfect natural balance to host vines.

Agronomy understood as caring for the plant in detail to ensure the cluster has its ideal micro-environment. Selection of shoots, manual defoliation, and low bud load pruning are some of the techniques applied to ensure maximum expression of the grapes with minimal environmental impact.

Tenutefosca rose vigne

Attention to quality

Integrated biological defense according to tradition, such as “sentinel” roses planted at the beginning of rows to signal pests and nutrient deficiencies.

Attention, care and strict quality standards that continue at all stages of the winemaking and aging process.