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Tenutefosca wines are certified organic, produced respecting the canons of BIO agriculture and enhancing through the pedoclimatic characteristics of Breganze both international varieties and the typical and identity variety of this territory, Vespaiola.

Reserve Selection

Our Riserva Selection represents the pinnacle of winemaking excellence. Each bottle holds the supreme essence of our vineyards, giving a unique sensory experience. Produced only in the best vintages and from selected grapes, these labels are an unforgettable journey into great red wines.

Wild Selection

TenuteFosca has dedicated this collection to wines that celebrate the indigenous grapes of Breganze DOC, Vespaiola and the Canaja clone of PinotNero, expressing the authenticity and distinctive character of the territory.


Our line of sparkling wines is the perfect synthesis of tradition and innovation, with products made using both the Charmat and ancestral methods, enhancing the freshness and elegance of the grapes.


These light and highly drinkable wines celebrate the typicality and authenticity of each grape variety, embodying the essence of our territory. Produced with respect for nature and environmental peculiarities, these wines are the result of the best varieties of Breganze DOC.

Icona Tenutefosca

TenuteFosca is not only a symbol of its founder’s passion for the world of wine, but also of his immense love for his loved ones.

Indeed, Sante Faresin has dedicated the Estute to Fosca, his wife, and the entire wine production to his mother, daughters and grandchildren, who have always accompanied and supported him in all his adventures. A way to give expression to our innermost values and to make known the essence of family ties.