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Tasting Notes

Wine that tells of the variety, and authenticity of the Canaja clone of PinotNero, indigenous to the area, characterized by having a less compact cluster and a larger berry than classic Pinot Noir biotypes. It is ruby red in color with low intensity. The scents that prevail on the nose are those identifying pinot noir: small red fruits (currant, raspberry), red flowers (rose, red flowers), spices (black pepper, nutmeg). In the mouth, the freshness and softness of the tannins make it a drinkable, delicate and harmonious wine.


Ideal with fresh pasta and meat sauce dishes, meat and vegetable risottos, cured meats, and cheese boards.
Tenutefosca vino bottiglia Pinotnero

Harvest Period

Grapes harvested in early September.


The harvested grapes are destemmed, crushed and left to macerate for 10 days in cement. When fermentation is finished, the wine is racked into Tonneaux, where it completes malolactic fermentation and remains to age for 14 months. In December it is finally bottled.

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