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Tasting Notes

Wine that fully describes the characteristics of Vespaiola: hints of pineapple, lime, citrus, white and tropical fruit stand out on the nose. On the palate, acidity and great sapidity give the wine great freshness and drinkability.


Given its marked acidity, it is ideal for the classic pairing with Baccalà alla Vicentina or asparagus in spring. Besides that, it also goes well with other types of fish, such as eel, trout and seafood crudities.
Tenutefosca Monovarietali

Harvest Period

Grapes harvested in mid-September in the Lugo di Vicenza vineyard.


Grapes are softly pressed and vinified in stainless steel at controlled temperature. The wine is then racked into stainless steel to preserve as much freshness and typical varietal notes as possible. After 4 months it is finally bottled.

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