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Tasting Notes

Intense almost impenetrable ruby red color, soft and persuasive, enveloping and spicy. Very long in the warm aftertaste.


Elegance and structure make it perfect with game dishes and long-aged cheeses. A meditation wine, it can also be enjoyed at the end of a meal accompanied by extra dark chocolate.
Tenutefosca Sante vino

Harvest Period

Harvesting takes place when the grapes are fully phenolically ripe, and the grapes are picked when they have reached the right degree of crispness that allows for a balanced withering without hints of overripe/marred. Harvest the last week of September.


Wine produced by drying hand-picked and harvested grapes in fruit lofts for about two weeks. Alcoholic fermentation of about two weeks, with repeated pumping over and punching down, fermentation temperature of 26 degrees. After racking, the wine rests in French oak barrels for 12 months.

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