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Tasting Notes

An intriguing, drinkable yet structured wine, rich in aromas ranging from hints of white and tropical fruits to floral and balsamic aromas. On the palate, the balance between acidity, savoriness and the fatty part given by aging with fine lees gives excellent smoothness and roundness of taste.


Suitable for hors d’oeuvres and first courses with both cooked and raw or marinated fish. Also excellent with risotto and pumpkin dishes.
Tenutefosca vino Lunasanta

Harvest Period

Grapes harvested in late August.


Vespaiola and Chardonnay grapes are harvested between late August and early September and vinified separately in stainless steel at a controlled temperature of 16°C. After fermentation is complete, the Vespaiolo is aged in steel on fine lees, while the Chardonnay is aged in French oak tonneaux. After 10 months, the wines are blended and left to rest for 6 months before bottling.

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