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Family passion

Tenutefosca vigne Sarcedo
Tenutefosca famiglia Faresin

TENUTEFOSCA was born from the passion of Sante Faresin, a successful entrepreneur who wanted to share with his family a new path of producing superior quality wines that enhance his homeland: Breganze.

“My roots are in the lands of Breganze DOC, a place steeped in millennia-old traditions that I have chosen to honor through the creation of wines of excellence.”

Our wines

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Organic viticulture

Our real wealth lies in the lush vineyards we cultivate, true treasures to be preserved over time. We are the custodians of these lands, responsible for their protection and preservation. For this reason, we have embraced certified organic viticulture-a more conscious approach aimed at respecting the natural balance of ecosystems and safeguarding the many forms of life that inhabit them.


Breganze DOC in the heart

Our wines come to life in the prestigious DOC district of Breganze, a privileged place due to its geoclimatic characteristics. Here, vine cultivation and the art of winemaking are rooted in an identity tradition admired by connoisseurs around the world.

Tenutefosca Sarcedo Villa