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Tasting Notes

Full-bodied, enveloping wine with excellent aging capacity, fruit notes accompanied by Mediterranean spices and sweetness from aging.


The strong character of this wine pairs beautifully with main courses of red meat, game and aged cheeses.
Tenutefosca Giulia vino

Harvest Period

Merlot grapes harvested the first decade of September, Cabernet Sauvignon around early October.


Grapes ferment for about 2 weeks, fermentation temperature 25°C. Once fermentation is complete, the grapes remain in post-fermentation maceration for another two weeks so that they can yield to the wine all the softness contained in the berries, which are destemmed but not crushed, so fermentation is whole-berry. The Merlot ages partly in cement and partly in wood, and the Cabernet Sauvignon in 500-liter French oak barrels. After 12 months of aging, the wines are blended and left to rest together for a few months before being bottled.

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